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Movement 1: Allegro in G, $10

6 minutes 40 seconds, 4/4 time, Allegro moderato

  • Shifts: Higher than 5th position
  • Articluations:  Triplet spiccato, sf
  • Rhythms:  Triplets
  • Counting:  Allegro, 4/4 time
  • Notes:  Mezza voce, repeated rhythmic motives
  • Fingerings: String crossings
  • Shifts: 3rd position
  • Articulations: Triplet spiccato, string crossings, spiccato accompaniment figures
  • Rhythms:  Triplets
  • Counting:  Allegro, 4/4 time
  • Notes: Mezza voce, repeated rhythmic motives, matching articulation

  • Fingerings:  Double stops, fast triplets, grace notes, accidentals, chords
  • Shifts:  1st position
  • Articulations:  Dynamic contrasts, sf, string crossings, off the string triplets
  • Rhythms:  Triplets, dotted rhythms
  • Counting:  Dotted rhythms vs. triplets, steady quarters, Allegro 4/4 time
  • Notes:  Mezza voce

  • Fingerings: Extensions, chromatic fingerings
  • Shifts: 1st position to 4th position
  • Articulations:  Staccato, legato sections, slurs
  • Rhythms:  Triplet arpeggios
  • Counting:  Pick-up entries
  • Notes:  Some solo parts for cello, grace notes, some open string double stops

Movement 2 Adagio in E-flat, $10

6 minutes 53 seconds, 4/4 time
  • Fingerings: Fast scaler runs, lots of flat accidentals
  • Shifts: Higher than 5th position
  • Articulations:  Fast runs
  • Rhythms:  Some complex rhythms, pick-ups
  • Counting:  Adagio, 4/4 time
  • Notes:  Slow
  • Fingerings: Some chords, double stops
  • Shifts: 3rd position
  • Articulations:  Spiccato accompaniment figures
  • Rhythms:  Pick-ups
  • Counting:  Adagio, 4/4 time
  • Notes:  Spiccato accompaniment figuration, octaves and unisons
  • Fingerings:  Accidentals, double stops
  • Shifts:  1st position
  • Articulations:  Long sustained notes, sf, fz
  • Rhythms:  Dotted rhythms, double dotted rhythms
  • Counting:  Steady accompaniment passages, Adagio common time
  • Notes:  Octaves and unisons, vibrato
  • Fingerings: Extensions
  • Shifts: 1/2 position to 6th position
  • Articulations:  Multi-note slurs, some staccato
  • Rhythms:  Double dotted rhythms, dotted rhythms with off-beat entries
  • Counting:  Off-beat entries, multi-bar rests
  • Notes:  5 notes in treble clef

Movement 3: Menuetto in G, $10

4 minutes 26 seconds, 3/4 time, Menuetto and Trio form
  • Fingerings:  Large interval leaps
  • Shifts: Higher than 5th position
  • Articulations:  Large interval leaps, register changes, accents, slur & spiccato figuration
  • Rhythms:  Fermatas, accents on weak beats
  • Counting:  Presto, 3/4 time, Minuet & Trio form
  • Notes:  Dynamic contrasts register contrasts
  • Fingerings:  Fast eighth notes, double stops, accidentals
  • Shifts:  3rd position
  • Articulations:  Off the string eighths
  • Rhythms:  Simple rhythms
  • Counting:  Fermatas, varied groupings of eighth notes, 3/4 time
  • Notes:  Key change, unisons

  • Fingerings:  Extensions
  • Shifts: 1st - 5th position
  • Articulations:  Staccato, legato sections, slurs, hooked staccato
  • Rhythms:  Off beat entries, usually with rest of ensemble
  • Counting:  Notes tied for multiple bars, multi-bar rests
  • Notes:  Key change at trio, rapid tempo, some fermatas

Movement 4 Finale, $10

5 minutes 05 secoonds, 2/4 time, Prestp
  • Fingerings: String crossings, fast 16th passages
  • Shifts: Higher than 5th position
  • Articulations:  String crossings, fast 16th passages
  • Counting:  Presto, 2/4 time
  • Notes:  Unisons, rhythmic & melodic motives
  • Fingerings: Rhythmic and melodic motives
  • Shifts: 3rd position
  • Articulations:  Some double stops, rhythmic and melodic motives
  • Rhythms:  Simple rhythms
  • Counting:  Presto, 2/4 time, pickups
  • Notes:  Unisons, rhythmic & melodic motives
  • Fingerings:  Fast slurred 16ths, many accidentals, double stops
  • Shifts:  3rd position
  • Articulations:  Dynamic contrasts, off the string staccato, large leaps, slurs
  • Rhythms:  Varied rhythms
  • Counting:  2/4 Presto, empty downbeats, fermata
  • Notes:  Unisons, fast!

  • Fingerings: Extensions, chromatic fingerings
  • Shifts: 1/2 to 7th position
  • Articulations:  Staccato, multi-note slurs
  • Rhythms:  16th note string crossings, dotted eighths with 32nds
  • Notes: 3 notes in treble clef, some multi-string leaps

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  • Video of live recording so you can see the players communicate, their bowings, and fingerings
  • Each instrument was recorded in isolation during the live performance.  With this feature, you can play any instrument, all the instruments, or any combination of the instruments.
  • Scrolling notation of your preferred instrument
  • PDFs of the complete score and individual parts for printing and markup
  • Slow-down up to 50% without change in pitch
  • Looping 
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Haydn Op. 77 No. 1 in G

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