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Movement 1: Adagio in D, $10

5 minutes 15 seconds, 3/4 time

  • Fingerings: Trills, mordents, accidentals, grace notes, extensions
  • Shifts: All positions up to 7th
  • Articulations:  Long sustained bows, paired notes, slurs, staccato in adagio, piano to forte
  • Rhythms:  Varied rhythms, dotted rhythms, 32nd notes
  • Counting:  Multiple bar rests, slow tempo, tricky subdivision
  • Notes: Vibrato, stylization
  • Fingerings: Trills, mordants, grace notes
  • Shifts: 2nd position for trills, leaps over two strings
  • Articulations:  Long sustained bows, paired notes, pianissimo to forte
  • Rhythms:  Varied rhythms, subdivision
  • Counting:  Multiple bar rests, slow tempo in 3/4 time, tricky subdivision
  • Notes: Vibrato, stylization, singing

  • Fingerings:  Extensions
  • Shifts: 1.5 position
  • Articulations:  Stroked staccato, irregular slur/staccato patterns on sixteenths
  • Rhythms:  Dotted eighth-32nd figure
  • Counting:  3/4, off-beat entrances
  • Notes:  Accidentals 
  • Fingerings: Extensions
  • Articulations:  Stroked/staccato same throughout
  • Rhythms:  All eighths, some quarters
  • Counting:  Occasional rests
  • Notes:  Some string crossing, but not fast

Movement 2 Menuetto in D, $5

3 minutes 57 seconds, 3/4 time
  • Fingerings: Double stops, grace notes, trills, accidentals
  • Shifts: Up to 3rd position, large leaps
  • Articulations:  Slurs, paired notes, staccato off the string, leaps over two strings
  • Rhythms:  Triplets, varied rhythms
  • Counting:  3/4 time, Steady tempo
  • Notes:  Key change, stylization
  • Fingerings: Grace notes, trills
  • Shifts: 1st position 
  • Articulations:  Off the string staccato, paired notes, slurs
  • Rhythms:  Triplets
  • Counting:  3/4 time, multiple bar rests
  • Notes:  Key change, dance style

  • Fingerings:  Extensions in triplets
  • Articulations:  Slurs
  • Rhythms:  Triplets
  • Counting:  3/4, some long rests
  • Notes:  To GM, 1 accidentals
  • Fingerings: Extensions in trio
  • Articulations:  Stroked notes, some staccato
  • Rhythms:  Simple rhythm
  • Counting:  Some long rests
  • Notes:  G-minor arpeggio in Trio

Movement 3: Presto in D, $3

1 minutes 45 seconds, 2/4 time.  Great for listening to the ensemble with many voices echoing others.
  • Fingerings:  Accidentals
  • Shifts: Up to 3rd position, large leaps
  • Articulations:  Fast off the string staccato, slurs
  • Rhythms:  16th and 32nd notes in fast tempo, triplets
  • Counting:  2/4 time very fast tempo, pickups, rests on downbeat
  • Notes:  Key change, stylization, alternating with 2nd violin
  • Fingerings:  Accidentals
  • Shifts: Should know up to 3rd position
  • Articulations:  Fast off the string staccato, string crossings, leaps over two strings
  • Rhythms:  16th and 32nd notes 
  • Counting:  2/4 time, pickups, rests on the downbeat
  • Notes:  Key change, fast tempo, alternating with first violin

  • Fingerings:  Extensions, fast shifts
  • Shifts:  3rd position
  • Articulations:  Fast, stroked staccato
  • Rhythms:  32nd rhythm
  • Counting:  2/4 (in 1)
  • Notes:  Fast string crossings
  • Fingerings:  Some extensions, very fast shifts
  • Shifts: 1st and 2nd position
  • Articulations:  Fast staccato
  • Rhythms:  Some 32nd note rhythms in Trio
  • Counting:  Fast (in 1), with pick-up entries
  • Notes:  Great for listening to ensemble with many voices echoing others

Movement 4 Meneutto in Cm, $5

3 minutes 01 seconds, 3/4 time
  • Fingerings: Accidentals, grace notes, chromatic notes, trills
  • Shifts: Up to 3rd position, large leaps
  • Articulations:  Slurs, leaps over two strings, long sustained bows
  • Rhythms:  Dotted rhythms, staccato
  • Counting:  3/4 time, steady tempo
  • Notes:  Key change, stylization, vibrato
  • Fingerings: Chromatics, accidentals, grace notes, trills
  • Shifts: 1st position
  • Articulations:  Slurs, leaps over two strings
  • Rhythms: Dotted rhythms
  • Counting:  3/4 time, rests on downbeat
  • Notes:  Stylization, key change

  • Fingerings:  Extensions
  • Articulations: Long slurs across strings
  • Rhythms:  Basic
  • Counting:  3/4, Easy
  • Notes:  Accidentals

  • Fingerings: Some extensions
  • Articulations:  Stroked in Meneutto, Staccato in Trio
  • Rhythms:  Simple rhythm, some off-beat entries in Trio
  • Counting:  Short rests
  • Notes:  Meneutto easier than Trio, Trio in D-minor

Movement 5 Presto in D, $3

1 minutes 34 seconds, 3/8 time
  • Fingerings: Double stops, grace notes, trills, accidentals
  • Shifts: Large leaps, up to 3rd position
  • Articulations:  Leaps over three strings, fast off the string staccato, long sustained notes
  • Rhythms:  16th, 32nd, and 64th notes in fast tempo
  • Counting:  3/8 time, very fast tempo
  • Notes:  Stylization
  • Fingerings: Double stops, chords, grace notes, fast notes, accidentals
  • Shifts: 1st position
  • Articulations:  Leaps over two strings, fast off the string staccato, slurs
  • Rhythms: 16th and 32nd notes in fast tempo
  • Counting:  3/8 time very fast
  • Notes:  Fast tempo

  • Fingerings:  Extensions
  • Shifts:  1/2 position
  • Articulations:  Fast stroked staccato
  • Rhythms:  Grace notes, basic
  • Counting:  3/8, Tricky entrances
  • Notes:  Fast string crossings
  • Fingerings: Some extensions
  • Shifts: 1/2 and 1st position
  • Articulations:  Staccato
  • Rhythms:  Simple eighth and quarter note rhythms
  • Counting:  tricky entries in places
  • Notes:  Fast, joyful. Some of the cello parts are not obvious, so counting could be a challenge.

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  • Looping 
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Haydn: String Quartet No. 3 in D Op. 1, No. 3

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